在申请候选人之前, all applicants (other than those applying to study in the Faculty of 商业和法律) must contact a supervisor within the relevant faculty, 讨论研究机会.

    鼓励商业和法律申请人 电子邮件的能力 直接处理所有与主管有关的询问.



    Identify your area of interest and determine which field of research expertise it belongs to. Selecting a topic which falls into one of Deakin's defined research priority areas ensures that you will have access to the world-class resources, 同伴支持, 以及你需要的研究人员.



    By familiarising yourself with the research being performed in our faculties, 机构和中心, 你可以把自己的兴趣放在正确的领域, 最终, 正确的主管. 同样值得注意的是 学位申请流程 学院之间略有不同, 机构和中心, So it's a good idea to underst and which area you want to join before starting your application.


    必发365登入官网的四种能力是 艺术和教育, 商业和法律, 健康 和 科学,工程和建筑环境.


    Deakin is home to 15 research institutes 和 strategic research centres covering a broad range of areas from additive manufacturing to molecular research.


    You'll need to find a supervisor who You can work well with both professionally and personally, as you'll be working with them for the duration of your degree.


    To determine if a supervisor is right for you, you might like to ask:

    • 他们的研究领域是什么?
    • 他们以前从事过哪些研究领域?
    • 他们有哪些研究领域的监管经验?
    • 他们有时间监督你吗?
    • 他们喜欢什么样的工作关系.e. What kind of guidance do they provide, communication style and frequency, expectations for milestones, how quickly do they provide feedback?
    • what is the research culture of the workplace where the supervisor is located?
    • How many students are they currently supervising and have supervised to completion in the past?
    • 他们的学生完成学位的百分比是多少?
    • How many of them completed in the normal C and idature time limit?
    • 这些学生在考试中成绩如何.g. 他们是第一次通过考试还是需要重新考试??
    • 往届学生的就业情况如何?
    • what sort of publication track record did they have when they completed?


    Searching for topics you're interested in to discover the related supervisors that can help you achieve your research goals.




    如果你被录取为研究生, Deakin will provide a qualified team of at least two supervisors who will guide 和 support you through every stage of your degree.

    The team is established 和 maintained for each student on the recommendation of the Head of Academic Unit 和 Faculty Executive Dean. Team supervision gives students formal access to a wider range of informed views and opinions.


    Deakin may not be able to appoint the person you request as your supervisor, And not all research topics are suitable for higher degrees by research.

    The topic you choose must provide sufficient scope to explore a range of research techniques, And be likely to lead to sufficient results for an acceptable thesis to be produced within the normal period of C and idature.


    Supervision teams must include either a principal or an executive supervisor, and usually have one of the following components:

    • Principal Supervisor Plus at least one associate and /or External Supervisor
    • Two co-supervisors, one of whom is executive supervisor, plus possibly one or more associate and /or external supervisor/s
    • Possibly with one or more associate and /or external supervisor/s.


    The principal supervisor is a university staff member with relevant qualifications 和 research experience in the same area as the student they are supervising.

    This person will have previous supervision experience 和 needs to have supervised at least one previous student to completion at that level.

    They provide guidance, assistance, a place for advice and planning, and are able to read written material.


    The relationship between you and your supervisor will change during C and idature. 在一开始, Expect help in clarifying the research project and Preparing a realistic research plan and timetable.

    如果你需要发展新的技能和技术, 主管可以提供建议和指导.


    The money that the project is obtained from your supervisor's role becomes one of aid in monitoring progress. Try the idea of discussing experimental results and writing up sections of the work for your supervisor to review.

    Towards the end of the project you'll become the authority on the topic and your supervisor will become a senior colleague.

    You'll make the greatest use of the supervisor's experience and knowledge of ST and ARDS, but he or she may not be able to provide technical help because you have become the expert.


    Even the strongest commitment to your research degree can be disrupted by a personal crisis. Your ability to succeed may depend on how well you use the assistance available.

    Always keep your supervisor informed so they can take circumstances into consideration when providing advice. Your supervisor can also direct you to university support services provided by the Division of Student Life, 哪家提供咨询服务.


    The supervision process will only be successful if there are regular 和 frequent meetings 和 discussions between you 和 your supervisor.

    从一开始,就建立一个商定的时间表. Supervisors have many dems and s on their time and may need gentle reminders of meetings. How often you need to meet will depend on the nature of your project and the stage of the project you are at.


    Use our course finder to browse our full range of research degrees, or learn more about the 不同类型的研究学位 在必发365登入官网大学.