Alumni award

Each year Deakin's Alumni awards recognise, Recognize and promote outstanding alumni from around the world who have achieved excellence in their communities, professions or given exceptional service to the University.

2022 Alumni Awards -- Nominate an outstanding Alumni

We would like to invite you to nominate a graduate of the College or nominate yourself for the 2022 Beifar365 Alumni Award. The 2021 Alumni Award nominations have now closed.

The two alumni award categories are:

  • Alumni of the Year (over 40 years of age)
  • Young Alumni of the Year (under 40 years of age at the time of nomination).

How to nominate

Nominations are made by submitting a report of no more than 500 words outlining how the nominee demonstrates the Betfair 365 login values in their professional and personal lives - can you highlight one or more of these values in your nomination.

The values of beifa 365 login website are:

  • Excellent: We will strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, taking pride in being the best we can be.
  • Inclusive: We will value our diversity, embrace difference and nurture a connected, safe and respectful community.
  • Ethics: Betfair 365 Games Login will always conduct its business with the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.
  • Sustainable: We will care about our shared future, Integration of the economy, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability in all we do.
  • Make bold decisions, show courage and ambition, and we support personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Dynamic: We are innovative and entrepreneurial, solving problems with creativity and flexibility.

Please note that nominations are confidential and only the winners and their nominees will be contacted by the Progress Office at befair 365. When nominating others, the Betfair 365 games login requests that the nominee be not contacted for information or notification of the nomination at any stage. Immediate family members cannot act as supporting referees in the nominations.*

The final selection of the Alumni Award will be made jointly by the President and the Chief Development Officer. The awards will be presented in October 2022 and the winners will be contacted beforehand.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to be nominated if you are a:

  • University Advancement Staff Member
  • University staff member who is not a Deakin graduate
  • Current Member of the Senior University Administration
  • Honorary degree recipient who did not also complete an award course at Deakin.

Please submit your nomination to Advancement by Friday 6 May, 2022.

Submit your nomination

The winner of 2021

Amir Qutub

Young Alumnus of the Year
Master of Business Administration (International), 2014
School of Business and Law

Amir Qutub is the CEO and Founder of Geelong-based Company Enterprise Monkey, a multi-national digital organisation. Aamir is also an investor and co-founder of eight other startups in Australia. In 2017 he was appointed as a member of the geelong Authority by the Minister of Planning.

Amir also helped develop the Entrepreneurs Geelong Network, a group of about 200 Entrepreneurs。Amir is the founding secretary of Pivot Summit, Australia's largest regional technology conference.

During the recent COVID-19 lockdown and forest fire crisis, Amir's compassion and desire to help others inspired him to create Angel Next Door -- an online platform that enables people to help others in their local community by providing food, medicine, or emotional support.

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Tanya Dontas

Young Alumnus of the Year
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce, 2016
College of Arts and Education

Tanya Dontas is co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Vollie, An online marketplace and social enterprise,Connect skilled people with nonprofits,Skills-based online volunteering.

Vollie projects are exclusively online, meaning that people can donate their time, skills, and experience from anywhere in the world, and around their busy personal and professional schedules. Vollie is unlocking millions of dollars of volunteer value for nonprofits and allowing a new generation to make a difference -- their way.

When Betfair 365 Games Login was in its early days, They participated in SPARK Deakin's Accelerator Program, where they received mentorship and funding to help them get started. Tanya now volunteers to mentor a new generation of startup founders to give back to the program and share her learning and knowledge.

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Dr. Matthew Dingle

Alumni of the Year
Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing), 1998; Doctor of Philosophy, 2002
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Dr Matthew Dingle was the principal engineer at Ford's product development facility in Geelong in the 1990s and completed his PhD with Ford Stamping business atthe University of Bef365 in 2001.

Matt is a leader of innovation in building technology. Through his business FormFlow, the team developed the C90 FormFlow Bend, the world's first invention capable of creating sharp bends in corrugated iron. Bending technology has revolutionized the design and construction industry by providing smooth transitions between corrugated panels at different angles. Matt and the FormFlow team have partnered with Deakin to develop an affordable shelter for the homeless and disaster relief workers, collaboratingwith Deakin Students and Staff.

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Dr. Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann

Alumni of the Year
教育学学士学位, 1989; Bachelor of Education, 1993; Master of Education (Integration), 1999
College of Arts and Education

Dr. Miriam-rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM of the Ngan'gityemerri Language Group is an indigenous elder from Nauiyu,He is also a famous artist, activist, Li qing JunYi, And public speakers. Miriam Ross, the first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher in the Northern Territory, visits schools across the top to promote the arts as part of every child's education.

Among her many initiatives and achievements, she also established the Miriam-Rose Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that empowers Indigenous youth through education, art, culture, And access to opportunity. Miriam Ross has dedicated her life to creating a bright and fulfilling future for the children of her people. In 2021, Miriam-Rose was named Senior Australian of the Year.

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Kate Palmer is

Alumni of the Year
Graduate Diploma of Sport Management, 1999; Master of Sport Management, 2000
School of Business and Law

Kate Palmer is one of Australia's most experienced and highly regarded sports executives. A leading figure in both netball and Australian sport, Kate is also the first woman Currently serving as CEO of Sport Australia.

Under her leadership, Kate has pushed for governance reforms in national sports organizations and implemented safety measures to protect children in sports environments.

Over her ten years as Chief Executive Officer at Netball Australia, Kate has maintained the sport's status as the sport with the highest female participation,And oversaw the introduction of its national union, Super game.

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Louise Adams

Alumni of the Year
Graduate Diploma of Development Studies, 2005
College of Arts and Education

Louise Adams is a chartered Civil Engineer with over 20 years of working experience in civil and multidisciplinary land development project management and design as well as technical advisory for project planning.

Louise began working with Aurecon in 2000 as a civil engineer and worked her way up to become the first female executive director on Aurecon's board. With a background in stormwater management, flood risk assessment and mitigation, Louise works in both the public and private sectors,And played a role in emergency relief efforts.

With her experience as a Chartered Civil Engineer, Louise has now become the Chief Operating Officer of The Aurecon Group and continues to be an active advocate for women in leadership and equality in STEM fields. Louise was recognised as CEO of the Year in 2020 by CEO Magazine.

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Dr. Glenn Laverack

Alumni of the Year
Doctor of Philosophy, 2000
Health of teachers

Dr. Glenn Laverack is an international leader in health promotion and empowerment,And has had a distinguished career as an academic and independent adviser to the United Nations, 政府, and development agencies for 35 years in over 50 countries.

Glenn has a wide range of professional publications, including 24 books published in several languages, Such as China, arabic, And Italy. With his range of experience in cross-cultural settings, Glenn facilitates broad insights at both the practical and theoretical level. Glen is committed to working with others to find solutions for the practical application of a community-centred approach.

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2021 Trophy design and development

Once again, The Betfair 365 Games Login has collaborated with students from the College of Communication and Creative Arts to design a project to create the 2021 Betfair 365 Games Login Alumni Award trophy.

Meet with the student design team

Meet the student Team behind the 2021 Deakin Alumni Awards Trophy: Clare Ailey, Abby Butler and Tom Ward.

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The inspiration behind this year's design

All alumni are unique. Discover how the diverse journeys of all Deakin alumni shape the design of this year's trophy.

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Alumni Awards Video

Our Alumni Award Winners YouTube Playlist includes video interviews with Our Alumni, dinners from previous years, talks and more.

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